I was by no means ever born a runner. I have and still train my body every single day to become a better runner and to legitimately love doing it.

I started running my junior year of college (2009) to lose a little more weight and later maintain it and in the process began the never ending journey of racing! I started with a few 5K's then trained for my first half marathon in April 2011! I'm currently training for my third half marathon, the Flying Pig, and will be doing the Heart Mini 15K this March.

As I said before, running has never been nor will be something that is easy for me. I have to work at it every single time I do it. As much as it can discourage me, running has truly become one of the best parts of my life.

Running gives me something to improve upon each time I take those first steps out the door. I am in a constant competition with myself to make me the best runner I can be.

At times I hate running, but that just fuels me to try again and even harder than before.

Oprah Winfrey says it best: "Running is the greatest metaphor for life because you get out of it what you put into it."


2012 Cheetah Run 5K (9/2/12): 27:29 (8:54 pace)

A Midsummer Night's 5 Mile Trail Run (8/9/12): 50:31 (10:05 pace)

2012 Campbell County Firecracker 5000 (7/4/12): 24:54 (8:02 pace) *PR*

2012 Greenhills 5K Pioneer Run (6/30/12): 25:03 (8:05 pace)

2012 Flying Pig Half Marathon (5/06/12): 1:54:12 (8:43 pace) *PR*

35th Mercy Health Heart Mini 15K (3/18/12): 1:21:22 (8:44 pace) *PR*

102nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Race 10K (11/24/11): 56:08 (9:04 pace) *PR*

2011 Flying Pig Half Marathon (5/1/11): 2:19:42 (10:40 pace)

2011 Athens Half Marathon (4/3/11): 2:23:35 (10:58 pace)

2010 Campbell County Firecracker 5000 (7/5/10): 28:22 (9:07 pace)

2010 Flying Pig 5K (5/1/10): 28:35 (9:13 pace)

2010 Good Works 5K (3/6/10): 29:50 (9:37 pace)